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Celebrate 4/18 at 418! Saturday, April 18th, 6:00-10:00 pm 

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YoniVerse Monologues: 13 women come together for an original and unforgettable storytelling event!


NEW! Dreams into Motion Monthy Haflas: multi-genre dance performances

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Sunday Morning Dance Church: Where The DJ Is The Minister And The Dancers Are The Congregation

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What Moves You? Inner Rhythm ~ Thursdays 8:00-10:00 pm

Upcoming Events
CLUB ELEVATE Benefit Auction Evening 4/18

Are you looking for something delicious?  Something more meaningful than a movie, more stylish than going to the mall, more connected than dinner at a restaurant? Would you like to dress up a little (or a lot?) but still feel playful and relaxed? Then this event is for you: Club Elevate, a snazzy evening of... more >

YoniVerse Monologues: May 1st & 2nd

Thirteen Women come together for an original and unforgettable storytelling event, revealing secrets from the YoniVerse. An evening devoted to the Creativity of the Feminine. Yoni is the sanskrit word for vulva, vagina, uterus, the entire female reproductive system. Yoni translates to: “womb” “sacred temple” “origin of life”. For the whole story, visit: http://www.yonibeauty.com/#!yoniverse/c2ud To... more >

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Welcome to The 418 Project!
~The 418 Project is grateful for the ongoing presence of the Dance Church community, for 14 years our biggest single financial supporter~

The 418 Project builds community, ignites creative expression, inspires exploration, and nurtures personal and artistic growth through dance and movement art in Santa Cruz County.

Our 418 people express and connect with themselves and others authentically, becoming more aware and compassionate, thus creating a joyful and safe community.

We Value:
Personal and Artistic Growth and Expression
Inclusive and Heartfelt Community
Consciousness that Creates Support and Safety

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