Ecstatic Kids! + Ecstatic Teens! w/ Brynne Flidais

ECSTATIC KIDS and TEENS is an innovative movement program centered on children’s innate impulses.

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Oct. 4 & 5: MatrilineArt: Self Portraits from the Milky Way by Song Nelson

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Saturday Ecstatic Dance ~ Saturdays 9:00-11:30am

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What Moves You? Inner Rhythm ~ Thursdays 8:00-10:00 pm

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Sunday Morning Dance Church: Where The DJ Is The Minister And The Dancers Are The Congregation

Upcoming Events
EMERGENCE Free Community Dance Jam FRIDAY 9/19

May we gather together and celebrate in the name of our third decade of movement magic. Our organization is undergoing big changes…we have been re-evaluating our mission statement and enlivening our grand vision starting with our strategic planning sessions back in May. We have also been making many adjustments in the detailed areas to help... more >

October 4th & 5th Choreographer in Residence Performance: MatrilineArt by Song Nelson

Celebrating its third year at the 418, the Choreographer in Residence program honors an established choreographer by giving him or her space to rehearse, complete and perform a work in progress. October 4th & 5th 2014, The 418 Project Presents: MatrilineArt: Self  Portraits from the Milky Way Created and Directed by Song Nelson, The 418... more >

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Welcome to the 418!


The 418 Project builds community, ignites creative expression, inspires exploration, and nurtures personal and artistic growth through dance and movement art in Santa Cruz County.

Vision:  Our 418 people express and connect with themselves and others authentically, becoming more aware and compassionate, thus creating a joyful and safe community.

We Value:

Personal and Artistic Growth and Expression    

Inclusive and Heartfelt Community

Consciousness that Creates Support and Safety

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